How to Apply

The 2023-2024 Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application - The 2023/2024 application period is due 1/19/2024. The application is available for downloading here. Paper copies are also available at the counselor's office at each high school.

CCSA awards scholarships to seniors from the Chico Unified School District area. Graduating seniors who plan to enter accredited college or vocational training programs after high school are eligible to apply. Student applications, including essay, are screened by CCSA members as well as individual scholarship donors. Scholarships are awarded at each high school's Awards Night held at the end of the school year.

Start Preparing Early

Counselors recommend the following to help you prepare during your high school years:

  1. Get deeply involved with one or two activities which are meaningful to the student instead of
  2. superficial involvement in multiple areas
  3. Search multiple scholarship websites (see list on the student resources page)
  4. Save well prepared resume-style senior profile (activity record)
  5. Get involved and log activities beginning early in high school
  6. Get letters of recommendation from community members as well as from school staff
  7. Remember to search scholarship offices of universities where the student is applying
  8. Have well prepared essays (maybe more than one) to use as a resource for applications

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