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Our annual fundraiser is coming together. The event will be October 23, 2023 at Manzanita Place.
More information is on our events page.
Thank you all for making the 2022/2023 year a success. 
We awarded 156 graduating seniors, from our community, with scholarships totaling $240,992.
Our annual fundraiser/mixer is in the works. The event will be held on October 18th, 2023 at Manzanita Place. Tickets are $35 for the event. The mixer includes fun, appetizers, a no-host bar and raffles (tickets extra amount). Our gift basket raffle is always a big hit, filled with wonderful items donated by community businesses and our members. Our grand prizes our 4 Giants tickets for the 2024 season, a beautiful Finds' recliner and an overflowing wine wagon.  We hope to see you all there!
Reading the Scholarship Applications
This article originally appeared from our 2022 Newsletter.

Reading the student applications is truly rewarding. Students share captivating aspects of their journey to date and their future plans. Letters of recommendation add detail the student may not have mentioned. A 4-year activity grid provides a snapshot of their extra-curricular involvement.

The graduates from the last two years did not have the high school experience they might have expected in “normal” times. Only a few mentioned the sadness of missing prom or competing in athletics. Many more wrote with love and respect about the people who have supported and influenced them. They were isolated by COVID. One student wrote about family after-dinner walks and wonderful family discussions that might not have happened but for COVID. Some have struggled with very adult problems: insecure housing, long-term illnesses in the family and mental health challenges in themselves and significant adults. Yet they wrote with compassion and determination to seek a better future for those who suffer. Several discussed their growing understanding of themselves through athletic training and competition. It is fascinating to read how enterprising a few have become. One student makes jewelry, another restyles clothing and yet another refurbishes athletic shoes. They all use the internet to market and distribute their products.

After reading their applications and attending awards nights, it is impressive to realize how many fine young p
eople are graduating from our schools. They have good grades, they have many other talents, and most have contributed significantly to their school and the wider community. They are thoughtful and appreciative. Their stories touched our hearts. We will remember some of them long after they graduate.

When the reading teams meet to decide the distribution of awards, the comment we hear most often is “We have to find a scholarship for this one!” Sadly, we have more deserving applicants than funds to award to everyone. You can help by donating to CCSA,